So you ask who is Amelia DuRocher?

Well, I am a lot of things. Or really I play a lot of roles. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I am an author. I am a certified strategic interventionist — more commonly known as a life coach. I am a graphic designer. I am a photographer. I am even a certified child passenger safety seat technician. I am my children’s playmate. I am a housecleaner, chef and accountant. But as I always say these are just roles. I am on a lifelong journey of learning and growing. I am on a continuous, never-ending mission of becoming the best version of myself. I am a Being.

So, a little background…

I was born in Michigan but as we moved often throughout my childhood (Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, three houses in Colorado, back to New Jersey, back to Colorado) I didn’t really belong to any one place. After graduating high school I continued living in new places (Utah, West Virginia, Maine, New Jersey, New York) while going to school and beginning life on my own. I kept finding myself back in Colorado and while I was here on a “get some more experience then go back to New York” stint, I met and fell deeply in love with my now husband (who is such not a big city type of guy) and we settled in to have a family.

So what about now?

We have made ourselves a home to raise our family in. We have two children including my son who affectionately calls me “love girl.” We live an everyday life full of love, growth, play and work. I love to travel. And I’m lucky my not a big city guy loves to visit new places too. Both of us also love to learn. We have delved ourselves into the personal development field. We’ve both become certified strategic interventionists through Robbins-Madanes Coach Training. (Strategic Intervention is an advanced type of coaching that takes into account a systemic view of experience, empowering others with strategies for quick change.) We’ve both been through Tony Robbin’s Leadership program where we continued our training in strategies to transform lives. We’ve both taken neurolinguistic programming (NLP) courses. (He’s been certified; I’ll get there when time will allow.) Mostly I squeeze everything in around being a full-time mom. So things do not always happen as quickly as I would like, but that is what is.

So how about my writing?

I’ve been a writer for as long as I could write. I actually decided I would one day write children’s books when I was still a child. I wrote my first one, a haunted house story, when I was 8-years-old. I illustrated it myself — boy that must have been scary looking! I can photograph but I cannot draw! I wish I still had it but it was lost somewhere along the way in all my moves. I loved to write which is what brought me into the journalism field. I figured it was a sure way to get paid for my writing, but I did not find passion in it. So I kicked around my other careers, like graphic design and photography, and stuck writing in the background. But here it is surfacing again and I’m LOVING it!

I am enjoying writing books and blogs — and sharing all that I’ve learned throughout my life experiences and immersion into the personal development realm. My aim is that I can affect lives in a positive way with my writing. I hope I do. I hope you find what I write helpful or inspiring. In any case, I’m going to keep on writing.